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Devicebook Smart Home

Built on top of Devicebook's robust IoT application infrastructure.

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The First IoT Platform with Generative AI

Turn conversation into automation. Simply describe your automation in natural language, and Devicebook's AI turns it into an automation by leveraging a robust IoT application infrastructure.

Turn Natural Language Into Automations

Devicebook’s AI implements these automations as DeviceScript Apps (dApps), leveraging your business context and Devicebook's robust IoT application infrastructure."

Devicebook's Contextual AI can turn any natural language query into an automation of any complexity using your devices.

Any Query. Any Complexity.

  • With the power of the DeviceScript™ language, Devicebook's Contextual AI can turn your ideas into smart device automations instantly.
  • Since DeviceScript is a fully featured and extendable language, your IoT automation possibilities are unlimited.
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End-to-End IoT Infrastructure

The Devicebook platform is ready-made for IoT solution providers, device manufacturers, and end users.

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Devicebook Apps
Apps on iOS/Android/Windows package the solutions/ dApps into specific uses. Such as the Smart Home app.
DeviceScript Apps (dApps)
Event driven dApps connect devices together and turn devices into powerful services in minutes.
Devicebook Bridge
Devicebook Bridge protocol layer is Devicebook’s ambassador to communicate with various device protocols
Devicebook Solutions
Solutions connect devices to solve specific use cases of customers such as Smart Home Presence Lighting.
Rule Engine and AI Cloud
Devicebook’s powerful Infrastructure to connect users, apps, solutions and services to devices.
Devicebook Adapter
Adapters convert device specific language to a common interface for the rest of the system.
3rd Party Devices
Devicebook works with hundreds of devices from global brands. Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, Matter, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and more!

DeviceScriptTM Apps

Unlimited possibilites. DeviceScript Apps (dApps) are a robust framework for building IoT automations.

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How the magic happens


DeviceScript is the first visual language for the Internet of Things. Use this fully-featured event-driven language to create powerful automations by hand in just seconds, or simply ask Devicebook's conversational AI to do it for you.

dApp No-Code UI Builder

  • Rapidly create UI for your dApps without any code using Devicebook's drag-and-drop dApp Editor.
  • dApps UI can have any number of elements and pages, and can be as simple or complex as you need.
  • DeviceScript+ templated language lets you easily create powerful and complex UIs.
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dApp Editor
DApps can augment the features of devices, using any number or variety of devices to handle any use case. Any device that is supported on the Devicebook platform can be used in dApps.

Seamless Device Connectivity

Device manufacturers benefit from publishing devices to Devicebook's Showroom and making these devices available to IoT solution providers.


Connect devices to Devicebook infrastructure with easy-to-build adapters, with no device firmware changes needed.

Devicebook Studio automatically generates much of the JavaScript code needed to support any device, and Devicebook's detailed and robust adapter infrastructure handles the low-level communication protocol details for you.

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Devicebook Bridge Seamless Connectivity

  • Devicebook Bridge runs on Linux and Windows. Devicebook Bridge can run on PC, Raspberry Pi, and even custom hardware like Devicebook Hub.
  • Device manufacturers can onboard devices easily. Devicebook Bridge supports many protocols, and abstracts away the low-level protocol details from device adapters.
  • Devicebook Bridge is capable of running IoT automations (dApps) locally on the edge, or in cloud.
dbook dapp UI

Devicebook Studio

Devicebook Studio is the cloud platform and Windows app used by device manufacturers to quickly prototype devices using Devicebook's Adapter framework, and by IoT solution providers to implement solutions using deviceScript Apps (dApps).

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DeviceScript Editor

Visual drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create and edit dApps for any number or variety of devices. Whether your solution is simple or complex, you can make it with the DeviceScript Editor.

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No-Code dApp UI Builder

Create UI for your dApps using the drag-and-drop no-code UI builder. Turn an idea into a working UI instantly.

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Adapter Editor

Enable seamless connectivity for new devices on Devicebook. Devicebook auto-generates much of the JavaScript code needed to support most new devices, and Devicebook Bridge handles all the low-level protocol details.

Devicebook Studio's components provide a rich environment to build, run, test, and iterate on IoT solutions and device adapters.

Devicebook Smart Home

Built on top of Devicebook's robust IoT application infrastructure.

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