Vetting Policy

Updated on 3/21/2018

The Devicebook community thrives on the creation of new SoftDevices that add support for smart devices to be used on Devicebook and with DApps. Devicebook's Vetting Policy ensures that new and updated SoftDevices work well with the devices they support, and is ready to be used by general public.


Devicebook's Vetting Policy

Once a SoftDevice is submitted to vetting, a Vetting Period of two weeks begins. Devicebook will notify interested users, users who have access to this particular device, that they can start using and reviewing the new Vetting Version by going to their device's settings page in Devicebook Home.

Interested users can vote YES or NO on whether they think the SoftDevice is ready for general use by the public. At the end of the Vetting Period, the Vetting Version of the SoftDevice will pass if at least half of the votes are YES. Upon passing, this Vetting Version becomes the Public Version used by everyone.

Devicebook may fail a Vetting version before end of the Vetting Period if it violates our Content Guidelines, or determined not stable enough for use by general public. If critical issues are found after a Vetting Version becomes Public, Devicebook might revert to a previous Public version, or accelerate the public release of a vetting version to address the issues.