Devicebook Vacation Rental Package

  • Contactless Self Check-in
  • Remote Control & Energy Savings
  • Peace of Mind Home Monitoring
Contactless Self Check-in
Provide secure self-service unit access for your guests with Devicebook Door Locks. Revoke access at any time.
Contactless Self Check-in
Remote Control+ Energy Saving
With Devicebook's lighting and HVAC automations, your guests are sure to have a pleasant stay, and you're bound to save money on your energy bill.
Remote Control+ Energy Saving
Peace of Mind Home Monitoring
Devicebook monitors and alerts you of smoke and water leaks in your home, giving you peace of mind.
Peace of Mind Home Monitoring

Door Locks

Provide your guests a safe and seamless self check-in expereince, and remotely control access to your home.

User Code Access
Give your guests a revokable access code to the unit.
Multiple Code
Setup different codes for different uses, such as a unique code for the cleaning crew.
Remote code change
You're always in control. Change or revoke access codes from anywhere using the Devicebook App.
lighting and hvac solution room

Smart Theromstat

  • Remotely turn on the thermostat to make the home comfortable before guests arrive.
  • Automatically turn off the thermostat after guests check out to save energy and money.

Lighting Solution

  • Welcome guests with lights that turn on automatically.
  • Configure lights to turn off automatically when the unit is empty.
  • Dazzle guests with colorful specialty lighting.
Water Safety Solution

WaterSafety Solution

  • Continuous water leak and rain damage monitoring
  • Remotely shut off water supply to protect from water damage.
  • Automatic mobile alerts to property manager or owner when water is detected.
Air Safety Solution

AirSafety Solution

  • Continuous smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring.
  • Automatic mobile alerts to property manager or owner when danger is detected.

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