Elder Care

Care for your loved ones with the help of Devicebook

Elderly woman reaching up to shelf
Video Monitoring
You can have peace of mind knowing your loved ones are healthy and active with video monitoring. Cameras throughout the home allow you to monitor and speak with your loved ones at home from anywhere.
Elderly man taking medicine
Medication Reminders and Alerts
Setup multiple medication reminders and get elders notified when it is time to take medication. For convenience you can even have medication reminders announced on speakers in the house. Get alerts sent to Responders if a medication is missed, so that the health of elders is taken care of.
Elder Alerts
Motion Based Inactivity Monitoring
Using real-time data from motion sensors, Devicebook monitors activities at all key locations in the house to track abnormal inactivity. Get alerts sent to Responders if abnormal inactivity is detected, so that elders can get help in time.
SOS Button
Emergency Alarm
We know emergencies can happen. Every Devicebook Smart Home is built with SOS functionality. Call for help from your designated responders with your voice or by triggering a button.
Family From Behind
Choose Responders
Designate family, friends, or neighbors you trust as responders for emergencies such as missed medications or unexpected bouts of inactivity. In the case of an emergency, the responders you choose will be notified automatically if you don't dismiss it as a false alarm.

Elder Care Solution

Feature Specification


The device types that will be included in this solution

Activity Monitoring
Medicine Cabinet

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