Air Safety
Stay alerted by putting essential Devicebook air safety measures in place.
Smoke detector in a room
Smoke Detection
Monitor your entire home for smoke, carbon monoxide, and extreme temperatures. Using real-time data from sensors, Devicebook monitors your home for air safety.
Carbon Monoxide Alerts
Devicebook notifies you promptly whenever there is a hazard so you can take corrective action.
Stove with smoke coming out of it
Smoke Alarm with Smoke
Audible Alarm Detection
We know emergencies can happen. Every Devicebook smart home is built with SOS functionality. Call for help from your designated responders with your voice or by triggering a button.
Responder Protection
Designate family, friends, or neighbors you trust as responders to air safety alerts. Form a virtual neighborhood watch to get immediate help from those who live close by. Add a surveillance solution to allow responders to view camera recordings and provide help in your time of need.
Family from Behind
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Heating & Cooling
Water Safety