We are Device Lovers

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We imagined a future where a smart watch flies a drone, where toys talk to each other, where setting up a smart home is as easy as A-B-C, and where you get the power to craft your own experiences with devices, just the way you want!


Welcome to devicebook™. Here, you can interconnect all your devices in minutes by creating simple drag and drop DeviceScript™ Apps (DApps) and finally bring the smart to your smart devices. Excited?

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Devicebook™ App

Talking To Devices Has Never Been So Easy

Create experiences with DApps

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Bring your devices to life by running DApps. DApps are programs that run in the Devicebook cloud, always ready to react to events and command your Devices on your behalf. Create a DApp for anything you can imagine!

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Connect your devices to Devicebook to enable secure remote access for all of your devices and DApps. Control your devices from anywhere, anytime by interacting with their SoftPanels. 

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Want to let friends and family remotely access your devices? We do too, so we built secure sharing into the foundation of Devicebook. You can share the use of your devices and DApps with anyone. Best of all, you are always in control - Share, Unshare, Reshare - whenever you want.

DeviceScript™ Apps

Create Drag and Drop DApps

Bring your devices to life by creating DApps for them. A DApp is a program that reacts to events to perform actions with your devices. DApps are created using our fun and easy to use DeviceScript Editor - a block based drag and drop editor.

Connect blocks together in the DeviceScript Editor to create interactions between any number of devices in any way you can imagine. You can edit your DApps whenever you want, even while they are running, giving you the power to quickly prototype interactively.


Inspire others by publishing your DApps to the Devicebook Showroom for others to add and use with their own devices.  

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Featured DApps in Devicebook Showroom

Devicebook Creators are crafting unique experiences everyday. Check out some of the recent featured DApps that Creators published in Devicebook Showroom.

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Make SoftDevices For Your Devices

You want that shiny new device to work with Devicebook? We do too. So we've made it super easy for anyone to add support for devices in Devicebook by making a SoftDevice for it. A SoftDevice is the software representation of a type of device. It is what makes an IoT device work well in Devicebook, so we built the SoftDevice Editor right into the Devicebook App. 


SoftDevices form the foundation on which DApps are created to craft new user experiences. So put your Maker Hat on, make a SoftDevice for your device, and publish it to the Devicebook Showroom when you are ready. Feel the excitement as the Devicebook community starts creating cool DApps using your SoftDevices!

Ready to Start?

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Join to create, make and experience the IoT world like never before

The Devicebook Apps can be downloaded here, or from the Google Play Store and Microsoft App Store

Windows full version

Windows 10 Home/Pro editions version

1803 or newer

The complete Devicebook experience - create DApps, make SoftDevices, and use them to your heart's content on Devicebook Full Version for Windows

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Android mobile version

Android 6.0 or newer

Use your DApps and SoftDevices wherever you go with Devicebook Mobile Version for Android.

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Since Devicebook is not marketing to European countries,  the Devicebook Apps are not available in the Google Play Store and Microsoft App Store for these countries.  If you are interested in early access,  do the following steps:

1.Using the browser on your Windows PC, download the Devicebook by clicking on the link above.

2. Go to Windows Settings, click on "Update & Security" --> "For developers". Turn on Sideload Apps option

3. Install Devicebook app

(1) Using the browser on your Android phone, download the Devicebook APK by clicking on the link above.
(2) Using a File Manager of your choice on your Android phone, open the Apk file to install.  (Note: you may need to give permissions to the File Manager app to Install Unknown (Source) Apps)
(3) Install the Devicebook App.


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